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Gizza Men’s Winter Outfits With HUD Color Control!   Leave a comment

Gizza (2)

The full length shot above shows head to toe, how awesome this outfit is. It’s just so realistic. The scarf, the turtleneck and the jacket go really well together and the pants are textured the same as the jacket, so it looks like a suit. Notice the shoes are also shaded to match the suit….nice touch, Giz! There is even a hanky in the jacket outside breast pocket!

Gizza (5)

Now to get to the fun part of this outfit. There is a HUD included which will allow for the user to change the colors of the sweater, scarf and hanky! So you will have 27 different color combinations at the tip of your mouse click.

Gizza (6)

As you can see, there are some really neat colors to work with the cranberry color of the suit. Above are grey scarf and hanky with the cranberry sweater. This is one of my favorite combos. Below you will see lotsa cranberry, which is growing on me every time I look at it.

Gizza (8)

Below you will find the HUD that controls all the color action. There are 4 colors available. They are grey, cranberry, purple and blue. Just click next to the accessory to get the color of your choice and voila!

Gizza HUD

Sooooo, all in all, this is a homerun! I love the outfit and the unlimited looks you can get from different color combinations. Certainly, even without the HUD, this is a smashing outfit! So TP on down to Gizza’s and have a look. And bring the wifey with you. There is a hole world of his and hers fashions to explore!

Burly Wears:

Hair by MADesigns “Luka”

Shape by Maverick

Skin by Evian “Mauro”

Eyes by Poetic Colors “Moon” in blueberry






Evian Byron Skin meets sf designs Ewan….a match made in Heaven!!   Leave a comment

Every once in a while, a blog just comes together and gels really nicely. Tonight was one of those times! Burly just happened to be sporting his new sf designs Ewan outfit in grey (it comes in several colors) and put on a skin to blog called Evian Byron by Egoisme and it just looked awesome! So I decided to do a joint blog.

While Burly has a long look at that Easter Basket, we’ll tell you a bit about his outfit by Swaffette Firefly, CEO of sf designs. It includes a nice sheer fishnet shirt, a suede sportcoat with prim cuffs, collar and lapels and prim shoulders as well. The pants are a nice plaid texture with prim cuffs and a belt. The outfit looks both elegant and sporty.

Above, you will see a closeup of Burly’s face without the distraction of his Easter “treat.” This skin is a real smooth look and realistic appearance. It comes in 3 shades, one darker and one lighter than this. But, one thing about this skin I love: VIVIDTONE! Vividtone is a full-body tattoo layer that comes with or without hair on body or head. Then, here’s the kicker….you can go into appearance and shade your tatt any color you wish to custom design your skin! This way, you buy one shade, which ever you like best, and then for any occasion you command the color! FLEXIBILITY PLUS! The shot above is my personal preference custom color.

Now, if you look above, you will see another option with the skin too. The top row is a more defined sixpack, the bottom row is a bit less defined. It doesn’t show as much in the image as you will see in world. Annnnddddd as if that wasn’t enough, look below!

The pics above show some of the many beard options that really make this skin fun to wear. Check out some of these beard tatts!

This was a really fun blog for me to do. I hope you have enjoyed it as well! Please go to sf designs and check out all of Swaffy’s designs for men AND women! And get yur butts down to Egoisme as well and get your Byron today. You might even run into Ramses hisownself!

Burly’s Stylecard:

Hair: Zeus

Skin: Evian Byron by Egoisme

Outfit: Ewan Grey by sf designs

Earings: Templar Cross of Fate and Courage by Chop Zuey

Her Stylecard:

Latex and sprinkles!

sf designs:





sf designs’ CASABLANCA TUXEDO…Here’s lookin’ atchou kid….   Leave a comment

Check this out! The newest formal design from sf design, the Casablanca Tuxedo designed by Swaffette Firefly! Is this SHARP or what! I love everything about it. Its suave, sophisticated, elegant, Bogey would have been proud as would James Bond as well! Shaken, not stirred! Gentlemen, I can assure you she will be both shaken and stirred when she sees you in this tux for sure!

A few cool features besides the good looks? You can wear it with prim lapels or prim hankie. It comes with shoes and socks. If you want to take off the coat, you can wear sculpted cuffs with nice cuff links (shown on right.) There is a loose jacket and prim skirt or a fitted jacket and prim skirt. There are prim trouser legs. The shirt and tie prim combination fits nicely with the shirt or undershirt layer. This tux is a grand slam! Hurry on down to sf designs and see this and many other fashions for men and women! Swaffy has it all!

Burly’s Style Card
sf designs Casablanca Tuxedo
Egoism Chance Skin with Vividtone Dark Tone Tatoo
Bad@zz Fusion Hair
Maverick Designs Custom Shape

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