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.::WoW::. Skin’s “Duke”   1 comment

I wore this skin and tux (Vero Modero Gold) out dancing last weekend. It turned quite a few heads. My date said it was because of her.. I know different!

Vero Modero Gold Tux (5)

Duke’s rugged looks and attention to detail are an awesome combo for this winning skin for this model/blogger. You can buy this skin in several shades and endless beard combinations.

Burly WOW skins (2)

Below you get a better idea of the rest of the story with burly in beach attire.B

Burly by FioIII

So you be the judge….if you don’t think this is a really handsome skin, bring yourself and your partner or GF to WOW and try on a demo. I think it may change your mind! Quality skin at an affordable price! And don’t forget, their are oodles of lady’s skins and makeup, and everything else that goes with them too! You may become addicted to their MM boards (2) and their lucky boards with NINE places that change every 5 minutes. TP on down now!










7 Deadly {S}kins Gift meets Vero Modero Gift!   1 comment

7 & VM  (2)

OK, this post worked out perfectly, because I received two gifts the same day from different designers. One, a skin from 7 Deadly {S}kins, is a new add to the Judas line. It features a new facial hair design and a bit of work around the eyes that makes it a bit on the macabre side. It looks like Judas may have been partying pretty hard lately…. 😮

7 & VM  (3)

The second gift is brought to you by the good folks at Vero Modero and is called the “Wool Vest Set.” It goes well with the Judas skin. The set consists of a shirt, a jacket (the vest) and a pair of black jeans. This outfit is mesh and includes several sizes in the folder. Really nice casual outfit.

Thank you to 7 Deadly {S}kins and Vero Modero for the freebies! They build customer loyalty and good will. TP down to both locations and pick yours up. You must join the groups to get them. 🙂

Vero Modero:

7 Deadly {S}kins:

Burly wears:

Hair: Bad@zz “Game”

Skin: 7 Deadly {S}kins “Judas”

Eyes: Poetic Colors “Moon in Blueberry”

Shape: Maverick Designs custom

Outfit: Vero Modero “Wool Vest Set” mesh

Boots: Deco “Brawler” mesh










Vero Modero Must Haves for men!   Leave a comment

I am soooo far behind on my blogging it isn’t funny. Got slammed before the holidays and time online diminishes as well. But anyway, this blog has 7 Vero Modero outfits on it and I decided to do them all at once! These are definitely MUST HAVES for your wardrobe…I get awesome compliments wherever I wear them.

↓ Vero Modero “Adam” jacket

(Evian Mauro Skin, PC Eyes Christmas)Vero Modero Adam Jacket and Pants Gift (4)

↓ Vero Modero “Adam” jacket and pantsVero Modero Adam Jacket and Pants Gift (5)

↓ Vero Modero Andon Jacket and Pants….LOVE ROCKS shirt

( 7 Deadly s{K}ins Judas)Vero Modero Andon (10)

↓ Vero Modero Andon Jacket and Pants – no shirt

(Evian Mauro Skin)Vero Modero Andon (12)

↓ Vero Modero “Dora” Jacket with shirt

(Evian Mauro Skin)Vero Modero Dora  Blog (5)

↓ Vero Modero “Dora” Jacket no shirt

(7 Deadly s{K}ins Judas)Vero Modero Dura (8)

↓ Vero Modero Gold Tux

(WOW Skins Duke)Vero Modero Gold Tux (2)

↓ Vero Modero Gold Tux

(WOW Skins Duke) Vero Modero Gold Tux (3)

↓ Vero Modero “Orko” Fur Jacket No shirt

(Evian Mauro Skin)Vero Modero Orko  (10)

↓ Vero Modero “Orko” Fur Jacket  with Shirt

(Evian Mauro Skin) Vero Modero Orko  (13)

↓ Vero Modero “Orko” Fur Coat

(Evian Mauro Skin)Vero Modero Orko Fur Coat Brown Blog (15)

↓ Vero Modero “Orko” Fur Coat

(Evian Mauro Skin)Vero Modero Orko Fur Coat Brown Blog (18)

↓ Vero Modero “Suat Jacket with “Murat” Pants and “Black Label” shirt

(Evian Mauro Skin)Vero Modero Suat Jacket Black Label Blog (1)

↓ Vero Modero “Suat Jacket with “Murat” Pants and “Black Label” shirt

(Evian Mauro Skin)Vero Modero Suat Jacket Black Label Blog (2)

I think you will agree, these selections are smooth and sassy. I hope you will go to VM and check them out, fellas. And bring the wifey/partner with you. Plenty there for her too!

7 Deadly s{K}ins “Judas” meets Zuri, Vero Modero, The Gentry and Emo!   Leave a comment

This skin from 7 Deadly s{K}ins, “Judas” is now available in new shades and beards! Go check it out…

I stopped in Zuri’s Jewelry last night…a notecard enticed me that mentioned a “free gift for men under the tree!” and I went for it hook, line and sinker! I need to tell you, if anyone has not experienced the store or Zuri her ownself, then you must go! Far better experience than another store which I will not mention. Zuri makes the experience all about the customer and service. I jumped the gun on a purchase, only to find out by L@@king a little more, I could have the same design with multiple change gems and metal for a bit more. 😦 Not to worry…all zuri’s stuff is xfer so I was able to give it back to her, get an instant refund and purchase the other item! What an awesome thing! Great place to buy and many gifts if you join the group. 🙂

Burly's Mixed Blog

Burly wears:
Hair by Bad@zz “Legacy”
Necklace by Zuri Rayna~ “Cross Gemchange”
Jacket by Vero Modero “Dora”
Skin by 7 Deadly s{K}ins “Judas”
Pants by The Gentry “Scorpion”
Christmas tree with music by ENT Radio and Shane Kaijah

7 Deadly s{K}ins



The Gentry

Happy Azz Friday from Vero Modero!   Leave a comment

Happy Azz Friday

Swim Suit: Vero Modero Rob
Hair: A&A Brody
Skin: Evian Mauro
Tatt: ::Tribal Tattoo Body:: ECCENTRIC by Soffio Tairov
Cuffs: The Golden Fleece – Carabine & Beige Leather Cuffs
Feet: Similar Men’s Flat Barefeet



Vero Modero “Rob” swimsuit   Leave a comment

Vero Modero RobSwimsuit

What can I say, but its an awesome design! Those in the Southern Hemisphere, your summer is on the way! Come and get it!

This backdrop was from a friend’s FaceBook, Pandora’s Box. Thanks Pandy!

BackgroundsRadai (5)

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, you know you will be taking a vacation to the Islands, so come and get yourself one too! Modero/120/149/28

I use KaTink Poses in my shoots.

Skin by LaVie
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations “Romeo”
Tatt: ECCENTRIC – Soffio Tairov
Similar Men’s Flat Barefeet
Sunglasses: Egoisme Diva Vision – Red

[Vero Modero] WEDDING BELLES   Leave a comment

Bouquet Babii will be showcasing everything a bride could ever dream of wanting to find for her special day.

Date: May 19, 2012 @ 230PM slt


With Live Performance from Nigel Palmer

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