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Skins and Fashions by + 8 Designe +   Leave a comment


Snapshot_001+8 Designe+ makes some phenomenal skins and fashions. I am absolutely lovin’ this Star Jacket and Dark Blue Jeans. Its all mesh and everything comes in all sizes from xxs to xxl. These jeans….I love them…nothing else to say! They come in black, blue, and dark blue. Above, you will also see the full length front of the outfit and a half rear view of the back of the jacket.

Snapshot_002You will see the jacket comes with and without a t-shirt. But the jacket is so cool and colorful. It’s just groovy as all get-out! Snapshot_006

Snapshot_005Now, about this awesomely handsome skin! This is called Crixus, a Gallic gladiator and military leader in the Third Servile War. Born in Gaul – his name means “one with curly hair.” How fitting a name for this skin….check out the abs! And what a handsome face….I really like this skin….tonsalotta. 

Snapshot_004All in all, based on what I have seen so far, +8 Designe+ is going to be a definite part of my SL. Get on down and see the HUGE collection of shapes, skins and fashions in store for both men and women!

Burly wears:

+ 8 DESIGNE + CRIXUS (1) NOUGAT male skin

+ 8 DESIGNE + Star Jacket/T-shirt

+ 8 DESIGNE + Male Dark Blue Jeans

sf design aaron boots

Bad@zz Bad Boy Hair

Earthstones Power Crystal Tigers Eye Pendant

Gems and Kisses Jeremy B Steel Earrings

PC Eyes Moon-Blueberry







Not Bad for an Older Guy….   Leave a comment


Older guy

Hair by Madd Designs

Skin by Redgrave

Eyes by Redgrave

Body By Maverick Designs (custom)

Scarf by sf designs


Akeruka Antonio – Its worth a LOOK!   Leave a comment

Below in Pale with eyeliner and hairbase tattoo

Below in regular with eyeliner and hairbase tattoo

Below in Tan with eyeliner and hairbase tattoo

Below in dark without eyeline and hairbase tattoo

Its a fine skin, fellas! TP down to Akeruka and fine the right skin for you AND your lady as well!

Hair by Cheerno

Skin by Akeruka

Body by Maverick

Mens undies by sf design

Evian Byron Skin meets sf designs Ewan….a match made in Heaven!!   Leave a comment

Every once in a while, a blog just comes together and gels really nicely. Tonight was one of those times! Burly just happened to be sporting his new sf designs Ewan outfit in grey (it comes in several colors) and put on a skin to blog called Evian Byron by Egoisme and it just looked awesome! So I decided to do a joint blog.

While Burly has a long look at that Easter Basket, we’ll tell you a bit about his outfit by Swaffette Firefly, CEO of sf designs. It includes a nice sheer fishnet shirt, a suede sportcoat with prim cuffs, collar and lapels and prim shoulders as well. The pants are a nice plaid texture with prim cuffs and a belt. The outfit looks both elegant and sporty.

Above, you will see a closeup of Burly’s face without the distraction of his Easter “treat.” This skin is a real smooth look and realistic appearance. It comes in 3 shades, one darker and one lighter than this. But, one thing about this skin I love: VIVIDTONE! Vividtone is a full-body tattoo layer that comes with or without hair on body or head. Then, here’s the kicker….you can go into appearance and shade your tatt any color you wish to custom design your skin! This way, you buy one shade, which ever you like best, and then for any occasion you command the color! FLEXIBILITY PLUS! The shot above is my personal preference custom color.

Now, if you look above, you will see another option with the skin too. The top row is a more defined sixpack, the bottom row is a bit less defined. It doesn’t show as much in the image as you will see in world. Annnnddddd as if that wasn’t enough, look below!

The pics above show some of the many beard options that really make this skin fun to wear. Check out some of these beard tatts!

This was a really fun blog for me to do. I hope you have enjoyed it as well! Please go to sf designs and check out all of Swaffy’s designs for men AND women! And get yur butts down to Egoisme as well and get your Byron today. You might even run into Ramses hisownself!

Burly’s Stylecard:

Hair: Zeus

Skin: Evian Byron by Egoisme

Outfit: Ewan Grey by sf designs

Earings: Templar Cross of Fate and Courage by Chop Zuey

Her Stylecard:

Latex and sprinkles!

sf designs:





“Fox Hunt” – a portrait by Pam Astonia   2 comments

First, I would like to than Pam Astonia for her amazing work on this. She is an awesome artist and friend with a wild and wacky sense of humor that I adore. It takes one to know one, for sure! You may peruse her palatable portfolio of portraits here:

Pam helped me to put together a real life dream I had many years ago as a young lad of 15 or so. My father was a catalyst for my sisters in their pursuit of various hobbies, one being the Equestrian world. He bought them each a horse and they were given space at a local barn/stable within walking distance of our house. They both immediately took to this life like a bee to honey. It soon became apparent that they had it in their blood as they both became champions and their rooms were lined with hundreds of ribbons and trophies the had been awarded in the sport of open jumping.

Now my father was also an Equestrian enthusiast and every Sunday, they would go to Radnor Hunt Club after church and go fox hunting with their club members. I wanted no such part of chasing down a fox and killing it so I said NFW. Not goin’ there, not gonna do it! Period, end of story. That would be like killing the Easter bunny or Bambi to me.

Well after a few years, I learned that they did not really kill the fox. It was against their club rules to do so. All they would do is chase him. The dogs would pick up a scent and begin leading them all over tarnation, jumping fences, fording streams, just a big ole ride on thousands of acres of land around the club for an hour or two.

I was ready! Only a few problems though…. I didn’t have a horse. And I did not know how to ride. And I did not have the clothing they wore during such celebration. So I never had the adventure.

Recently, I became involved in the Equestrian world in SL. So I decided to create this dream as closely as possible in SL. I believe Pam has helped me to succeed in this as closely as possible with “Fox Hunt.” Thanks again, my dear friend. (no foxes were virtually hurt in the creation of this work   😛  )

<b><u>Style Card:</u></b>
Shape by Maverick Avatars
Skin by Belleza
Hair by Bad@zz
Earrings Created by Chrissy Ambrose
Shirt, vest, prim collar and tucked tie by sf design “L’Amour” rouge collection
Special edition mens jacket by sf design “elysium” collection
White Hunting Breeches and Corset Laced gloves by @CT@
Mens riding boots by [Hoorenbeek]
Equestrian Helmet w/resize script by “unknown”

Horse by Champion “{BTP} Michaleen” Buckskin Quarterhorse

Mimi’s Choice sells sf designs and [Hoorenbeek]


sf designs does Fashion For Life with the “Speranza” for him and her!   Leave a comment

Swaffette Firefly has created this design as an exclusive for the Fashion For Life event and all proceeds from the sale of these two outfits will be donated to Cancer research.

Just a note about the vest….The vest in this outfit has been designed by ‘Elle’ of Elysium Military Tailoring – she has given Swaffette her permission to replicate her designs in sl. Please visit her website to see the real deal!

Burly’s Stylecard:
Hair by W&Y
Skin by LaVie
Outfit by sf designs

Kara’s gown “Speranza”


LM for the event: Volta/128/129/26

LM for sf designs:

sf designs’ CASABLANCA TUXEDO…Here’s lookin’ atchou kid….   Leave a comment

Check this out! The newest formal design from sf design, the Casablanca Tuxedo designed by Swaffette Firefly! Is this SHARP or what! I love everything about it. Its suave, sophisticated, elegant, Bogey would have been proud as would James Bond as well! Shaken, not stirred! Gentlemen, I can assure you she will be both shaken and stirred when she sees you in this tux for sure!

A few cool features besides the good looks? You can wear it with prim lapels or prim hankie. It comes with shoes and socks. If you want to take off the coat, you can wear sculpted cuffs with nice cuff links (shown on right.) There is a loose jacket and prim skirt or a fitted jacket and prim skirt. There are prim trouser legs. The shirt and tie prim combination fits nicely with the shirt or undershirt layer. This tux is a grand slam! Hurry on down to sf designs and see this and many other fashions for men and women! Swaffy has it all!

Burly’s Style Card
sf designs Casablanca Tuxedo
Egoism Chance Skin with Vividtone Dark Tone Tatoo
Bad@zz Fusion Hair
Maverick Designs Custom Shape

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