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Skins and Fashions by + 8 Designe +   Leave a comment


Snapshot_001+8 Designe+ makes some phenomenal skins and fashions. I am absolutely lovin’ this Star Jacket and Dark Blue Jeans. Its all mesh and everything comes in all sizes from xxs to xxl. These jeans….I love them…nothing else to say! They come in black, blue, and dark blue. Above, you will also see the full length front of the outfit and a half rear view of the back of the jacket.

Snapshot_002You will see the jacket comes with and without a t-shirt. But the jacket is so cool and colorful. It’s just groovy as all get-out! Snapshot_006

Snapshot_005Now, about this awesomely handsome skin! This is called Crixus, a Gallic gladiator and military leader in the Third Servile War. Born in Gaul – his name means “one with curly hair.” How fitting a name for this skin….check out the abs! And what a handsome face….I really like this skin….tonsalotta. 

Snapshot_004All in all, based on what I have seen so far, +8 Designe+ is going to be a definite part of my SL. Get on down and see the HUGE collection of shapes, skins and fashions in store for both men and women!

Burly wears:

+ 8 DESIGNE + CRIXUS (1) NOUGAT male skin

+ 8 DESIGNE + Star Jacket/T-shirt

+ 8 DESIGNE + Male Dark Blue Jeans

sf design aaron boots

Bad@zz Bad Boy Hair

Earthstones Power Crystal Tigers Eye Pendant

Gems and Kisses Jeremy B Steel Earrings

PC Eyes Moon-Blueberry







7 Deadly s{K}ins “Judas” meets Zuri, Vero Modero, The Gentry and Emo!   Leave a comment

This skin from 7 Deadly s{K}ins, “Judas” is now available in new shades and beards! Go check it out…

I stopped in Zuri’s Jewelry last night…a notecard enticed me that mentioned a “free gift for men under the tree!” and I went for it hook, line and sinker! I need to tell you, if anyone has not experienced the store or Zuri her ownself, then you must go! Far better experience than another store which I will not mention. Zuri makes the experience all about the customer and service. I jumped the gun on a purchase, only to find out by L@@king a little more, I could have the same design with multiple change gems and metal for a bit more. 😦 Not to worry…all zuri’s stuff is xfer so I was able to give it back to her, get an instant refund and purchase the other item! What an awesome thing! Great place to buy and many gifts if you join the group. 🙂

Burly's Mixed Blog

Burly wears:
Hair by Bad@zz “Legacy”
Necklace by Zuri Rayna~ “Cross Gemchange”
Jacket by Vero Modero “Dora”
Skin by 7 Deadly s{K}ins “Judas”
Pants by The Gentry “Scorpion”
Christmas tree with music by ENT Radio and Shane Kaijah

7 Deadly s{K}ins



The Gentry

7 Deadly s{K}ins – New Male Skin Maker! I’m Psyched!   2 comments

Burly Xmas Cards (16)

I belong to the Skin Addiction group and this weekend, being Black Friday, was all about steals and deals. Skin makers were all selling their designs with very sizable discounts and 7 Deadly  s{K}ins was no exception. What caught my eye is that the CEO, Izara Zuta, was starting a new line of skins for the guys! She has been doing the gals skins since 2012. 

Vendor Image

7 Deadly s{K}ins

We fellas have few skin makers to pick from, so whenever a new designer decides to include us guys, I get excited! Below you will find Izara’s first male skin, which goes on sale Thursday, December 7th. Ladies and gents, I give you Judas! Below, I have pictures of Burly in the demo version which is in the back room on the left at the landmark below.

7 Deadly Blog (2)

In my opinion, this is an awesome skin. I like its look, rather macho and manly, but without the washboard abs and related musculature. I am sure there will be plenty  of shades and beards to pick from too. I have seen [SDS] female packs and they are chock full of goodies. This demo came with two beard versions.

7 Deadly Blog (4)

I like the notch in the right eyebrow too. Nice touch. For me, its all about the face. But this skin scores nicely for me on the entire shape.

7 Deadly Blog (5)

So its smooth, its defined, I would say Izara Zuta has done a really fine job for us and it can only get better. I think she may give the big boys a run for their money, especially at her prices. This skin is priced very nicely at $500L and group members can purchase it at half off. That’s a HUGE bargain! 

There will be a box available for the girls with a new skin as well: Magdalena and especially for the holidays there will be a box with both the female and the male skin. Here the male skin will be transfer so you can give it as christmas gift to your loved one! You cant go wrong! The group fee is only $99L, but right now waiting for you are some gifts that alone are worth way more than that. The December group gift and the 2000 customers skin as well! 

So, go on down to Izara’s shop NOW and check it out guys and girls. Get those gifties too!

Burly is wearing:

hair from EMO-tions

Bathing suit from VERO MODERO Rob Swim Suit Red African

Necklace from Chopped Suey

Sandals from DD Style** with toes and hud

Tattoo from KESA SecretSpy Tribal Tiger








Carrie’s Lingerie “Ivy” & Zuri Rayna’s Antique Pearls in Lime   Leave a comment

radi_031I was doing some pictures one day and Aradia Mistwood was not feeling her creative juices and asked me if I would take a few pics of her for a lingerie blog. I’m like, can I hear that question one more time? NOT! So these 3 dozen pictures are what I came up with.

radi_032I figured it wasn’t my blog so I would play with some windlights. I hope you like them.




Vampire Legacy “Eloise”   1 comment


Vampire Legacy Eloise (1) OK, folks….this is blogging history for me. My first post as a female avatar. I hope you like Burlyta! But check out this rockin’ HOTTTT outfit by H3LL Nexen. It is truly worthy of Burlyta’s first experience as a model, is it not? Its an awesome gown that would make Dracula’s blood boil, no doubt! 


Vampire Legacy Eloise (3)Above, you will see when the laundry comes off, it kicks the heat up a bunch! There are so many ways to wear this design! Loving the gloves and this nice collar around the neck, aren’t ya!


Vampire Legacy Eloise (6)Take off the shirt and it just keeps getting HOTTER, doesn’t it? Awesome necklace is part of the package too! I gotta say, Burlyta is doin’ it for me! Is that like wrong???


Vampire Legacy Eloise (8)Look at that derriere in those undies! Latex never looked so good! Loving the “batwings” design on the undies too! And the boots and stockings combo are awesome H3LL! 

Vampire Legacy and @narchy both make male and female designs, so take your partner down to the shop and bang that credit card good! Tell them Burlyta sent you!


Skin by Akeruka

Shape by Shape-it-Up

Eyes by Redgrave

Hair by Truth







LoveCats Drow Skin….for the Goul in you!   Leave a comment

Lovecats Drow

LoveCats Drow 2

In my humble opinion, this skin is flawless…amazing detail.  Shadows and tones look awesome. The ripped jeans and purple shirt outfit is also by LoveCats and was free, prim belt included! Join their group for awesome specials and freebies for toms and kitties as well as other club and roleplay wear.

Hair by A&A “Brody”

Shape by Maverick Designs (custom)

Eyes by Redgrave “Venus”

Necklace by Lagrange “Vexed”

Boots by L&B “Biker”

Poses and background by KaTink

EGOISME! Evian skins! Allejandro and Melinda’s Play Date….   Leave a comment

I was lucky enough to get the two latest skins from Ramses Meridith, CEO of Egoisme (pronounced Ego is me.) The gent’s skin is called “Alejandro” and the lady’s skin is called “Melinda” and I did a joint blog with Starlite Starbrite Constellation, General Manager of Mona Lisa Couture. So what you will see here is a lot of Evian skin and a bit of MLC designs for him and her as well as some nice things from some other SL designers.

This first image shows Burly in the tan Alejandro skin with Starlite in the Melinda dark during the first part of their day after a nice bike ride.  

Above, Burly’s hair by Egoisme, “Salon de Glow M-02” with his outfit by Lapoint and Bastchild and jewelry by Chop Zuey. Star’s hair by Vanity “Sunset blvd v2- blonde  mesh,” outfit by Howear,  earrings by Sin City, eylashes by Cake.

Below, you will see Burly and Star enjoying the sun on the beach, Burly in Alejandro dark and Star in Melinda dark.

Above, Burly’s swmsuit by Shiki “Bluetiare,” hair bu Egoisme “Salon de Glow M-01,” and jewelry by Chop Zuey. Star’s swimsuit by Voluptia,  “papillion blue,” butterfly tattoo included. Hair by Truth, “Rhonda.” Jewelry by Gems and Kisses, nails by Virtual Insanity.

Last, we have Burly and Star on the stairways at Mohna Lisa Couture at the end of the evening with Burly in Alejandro Medium and Star in Melinda Dark.

Above, Burly’s outfit complete by Mohna Lisa Couture, “Men Behaving Badly” in B&W, jewelry by Chop Zuey. Starlite is in Mohna Lisa Couture “Queens Park” cognac, hair is Ploom “Dusty beehive,” and her jewelry is by Paper Couture.

Summing up the skins for Egoisme Evian, both male and female skins are available with many different options. There are many different beard tatts for the guys, makeups for the girls, teeth tatts and limitless coloring with the “Vividtone” feature, eyes in different colors, and avatar shapes too! The detail in these skins is spectacular. TP down and check out the demos.


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Lapointe and Bastchild

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