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Evian Allesio “Molten” Mesh Head……You be the judge   2 comments


On the left, Evian’s (Egoisme) new skin/mesh head combo, Alessio. On the right, Burly’s everyday look, Evian Mauro. Both pics taken with the same shape.

You tell me! Leave a comment please!


Angelika Corral8 days ago

             Hmnmm … difficult choice ! I think that I’ll vote for the one on the right, but I would prefer just a little bit lighter skin tone :))

  1. ♥ Maribel Penucca ♥8 days ago | reply | delete

    I agree Burly 😉

  2. Aida Lundquist7 days ago

    Not difficult. Forget the left one! You look stupid with the left skin

  3. Fiorella Hancroft6 days ago

    I agree with the girls, your current skin looks much better, the lips & the bear are great, maybe a lighter tone, I am not really sure about the mesh heads yet

  4. Alexandra Xubersnak · Drat!!!4 days ago

    Easy choice, I vote for the right version. The left look is too boyish. Is that a chin? 🙂

  5. Skye D.6 hours ago

    No, no, no…no mesh heads! Love your shape as is, but I agree on the lighter skin tone as well.

Hair by Madd
Tux By Adam Edelstein


Gizza Men’s Winter Outfits With HUD Color Control!   Leave a comment

Gizza (2)

The full length shot above shows head to toe, how awesome this outfit is. It’s just so realistic. The scarf, the turtleneck and the jacket go really well together and the pants are textured the same as the jacket, so it looks like a suit. Notice the shoes are also shaded to match the suit….nice touch, Giz! There is even a hanky in the jacket outside breast pocket!

Gizza (5)

Now to get to the fun part of this outfit. There is a HUD included which will allow for the user to change the colors of the sweater, scarf and hanky! So you will have 27 different color combinations at the tip of your mouse click.

Gizza (6)

As you can see, there are some really neat colors to work with the cranberry color of the suit. Above are grey scarf and hanky with the cranberry sweater. This is one of my favorite combos. Below you will see lotsa cranberry, which is growing on me every time I look at it.

Gizza (8)

Below you will find the HUD that controls all the color action. There are 4 colors available. They are grey, cranberry, purple and blue. Just click next to the accessory to get the color of your choice and voila!

Gizza HUD

Sooooo, all in all, this is a homerun! I love the outfit and the unlimited looks you can get from different color combinations. Certainly, even without the HUD, this is a smashing outfit! So TP on down to Gizza’s and have a look. And bring the wifey with you. There is a hole world of his and hers fashions to explore!

Burly Wears:

Hair by MADesigns “Luka”

Shape by Maverick

Skin by Evian “Mauro”

Eyes by Poetic Colors “Moon” in blueberry





Not Bad for an Older Guy….   Leave a comment


Older guy

Hair by Madd Designs

Skin by Redgrave

Eyes by Redgrave

Body By Maverick Designs (custom)

Scarf by sf designs


NEW “Damiani” Skin by LaVie for the Men!   Leave a comment

What an awesome skin this is! So many different possibilities are available! 3 body hair styles….very hairy, a little hairy and no body hair. You can wear it bald or with a nice fuzz on your head. And it comes in 4 flavors….normal, medium, tan and dark. The skin also has 24 versions of facial hair as well. Awesome look !




Mimi’s Choice has Sartoria “Chic Tourist!”   Leave a comment

Shorts or slacks? Its up to you. The outfit comes with both! Shoes are not included, but Mimi has plenty of shoes as well. I’m wearing my favorite Kalnin’s in this photo. Choose one of 8 colors in ONE click for BOTH shoes!

Mimi’s Choice:

Hair and eyes by Maddesigns
Skin by Belleza
Shape by Maverick designs
Photography by Tiger

Lapointe and Bastchild Hotness!   2 comments

Model friend CindyS Tatham and I were recently asked to blog the outfit of our choice from the fine people at Lapointe and Bastchild. This designer has everything an SL avatar could dream of as far as clothing, jewelry and accessories. Just about everyone is familiar with this designers gothic designs, but did you know that L& B has a complete line of casual clothes called S’wear? How about a line of Formalwear for weddings, balls, styling contests and other special events? And a whole line of shoes and jewelry awaits you as well as a newbie section with lots of freebies. And there are complete lines for both males and females, even Nekos! All the shops are contained neatly in a mall setup as shown below.

photo by Burly

Well, CindyS and I decided to pick something from L&B’s S’wear line, which is another name L&B uses for their urbanwear designs. As you can see below, CindyS starts with an open Cropped Leather Jacket in a nice Leopard print with prim lapel and waistband. This jacket has some fine detail work in the zipper, the L&B Logo buttons and the waist belt complete with a silver buckle on the right side and silver grommets in the button holes on the left. The prim sleeves are half length, giving it a neat contemporary look and the open design is as sexy as all get out!

Burly is sporting the L & B S’Wear “USA” black leather jacket, also with prim lapels and waistband. Ditto everything on his jacket except his sleeves are full length and rather than an animal print, Burly has chosen the USA theme which is adorned with all sorts of American stencils in it such as currency, the flag, pin-up models and of course the American Bald Eagle. Sharpness plus!

Photo by Burly

Below is a view of the backs of the outfits, showing the detail of the buckles and labels on the waistbands of both jackets and the stenciled details on Burly’s jacket. (hubba hubba!)

Photo by CindyS Tatham

In the full length image below, you will see CindyS’s “Candy Buckled” miniskirt in a plain black and leopard print. Do not forget the undies on this outfit ladies, this one is short and hot! The style is pleated black wool around the bottom and this mini is double belted with 2 bands of leopard print below each belt. A large round silver buckle adorns each belt. Further detail shows loops, buttonhole grommets and the L& B logo on the belts at various positions. The pleats in the skirt bottom really add a nice touch to this look, as do the half length lace stockings which begin at mid thigh and move down to the ankles….very sexy! 

Burly’s pants are a nice black leather, with very impressive textures, taken from the “Renegade” collection of another S’Wear outfit I have from L&B. I swear one can smell and hear the leather in this pair of pants as you walk! I am also wearing a prim “Renegade” men’s pleated belt from the same outfit with a large square buckle and ditto the buttonholes, loops and logos as mentioned above on CindyS’s belts.

Photo by CindyS Tatham

Cindy wears a pair of L&B “Kitten” ankle boots in Leopard Skin. Her boots show the buckle option but there is also a “bow” option in the folder as well. Burly wears L&B Evocative “Cuban Black” ankle boots which have a zipper on the inside and a cowboy heel and toe.

And what would an outfit be without jewelry to style it up? CindyS wears L&B Gothic Morbid Broken necklace and earings. Burly wears L&B Bad Cat Black Iron necklace,  L&B Solitaire Platinum Unisex Earrings  and L&B “Bold” Platinum Bracelet.

All in all, I would say this outfit combo is a great mix and match for any couple to wear. Go on down to L&B and see all of the possibilities, not only in the casual lines, but in the formal and gothic lines as well! You will be really glad that you did! An endless array of designs await you and your partner…..tell them Burly sent you!


CindyS’s Xtras:

Shape: Custom self made

Skin: Meghindo Andreea

Hair: Detour Torrid


Burly’s Xtras-

Shape: Maverick Designs

Hair & Eyes: KMadd

Skin: Belleza




EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK!!! Mohna Lisa’s “Valentino” Military Jacket Outfit   Leave a comment

Hold on to your seats, Ladies and germs, this is going to be an exciting ride! Mohna Lisa Couture will be releasing this BRAND NEW design in SL on Thursday for sim-wide purchase. And you saw it here first on Burly’s blog! When Mohna gave me the first look at this last week, I was absolutely ROCKED by the sight of this design. I have always know MLC to be a perveyor of awesome tuxes for men, but this one is in a class all by itself.


Do I lie? I think not! Let the smooth, elegant design sink in to your eyes. From the top to the bottom, it just says “I’m here!” You will most definitely have lots of eyes on you when you walk in the room adorned in this fashion statement.

The design is available in three colors, military shades of grey, blue, and black with matching trousers. Sophistication at its best! Authentic Military flare with adorning shoulder prim buttons, prim collar buttons, pockets with buttons on the lower jacket and look at the embedded white design on the front of the jacket! Simply spectacular. Absolutely stunning to say the least!


From the back, you will see the belted midsection of the jacket adorned with 2 buttons on each side. Moving  down, you will see not one, not two, but THREE layers of tails adding further elegance to this awsome design! Looking at the trousers, see attention to detail in the more casual design of these pants, something worn on a battlefield but still sophisticated enough to wear to a formal military outing as well.


Classical cravat is made from lace textures and it blows nicely in the breeze, fitting nicely over the jacket.

Check out the jewelry holding the cravat in place. Nice touch, Monah!


The prim sleeve detail shows the awesome attention paid to authentic Military decorations on them, with stripes, embedded wheat designs and 3 nice pewter buttons as well.


Mohna has never left us barefooted either. This outfit is certainly no exception. Military men often rode horses, did they not? The boots are another attentive detail showing a design that is not only functional, but good looking and classy!  Something tells me I will be wearing these boots with other outfits as well!

So I’m going to find my bugle in my inventory and by the time I finish playing Revele, I want you on this LM below on your way to Mohna Lisa Couture with your partner to have a look at whats in store for you there! This outfit, along with many fine other formal and casual designs for ladies and gentlemen both are available a very reasonable prices! Be the first in your circle to turn heads with Valentino!

Burly’s details:

Hair and eyes by Maddesigns

Skin by Belezza

Body by Eimear Halcali of Alter: Ego




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