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Last Minute Halloween made easy!   Leave a comment

UD Lucifer (1)


UD Lucifer (2)

UD Lucifer (5)

This is a Devil skin by Diffinitive Urban Skins “Lucifer Soul.” ($L300)The hair and thong is mine. The ears come with the skin. Nice tatts as well.


LaVie Azriel (1)  LaVie Azriel (2)LaVie Azriel, though not a freebie, this avatar at $200 is a steal! All inclusive.


LaVie Drow n LC Skull Bags (1)

LaVie Drow n LC Skull Bags (2)This skin by LaVie is called “Drow” and is available FREE through tomorrow in the hunt on LaVie’s sim in their haunted house. I teamed this up with Lovecats Skull Baggies outfit, shirt, shoes and pants.



LaVie Killer (1)

LaVie Killer (4)FREEBIE skin in the LaVie haunted house hunt! I added newbie jeans and sneakers and WHAM! Ohhh, I forgot the Philadelphia Eagles cap, Oops, my dad would shoot me! By Alpha, all teams available!


Vero Modero “Rob” swimsuit   Leave a comment

Vero Modero RobSwimsuit

What can I say, but its an awesome design! Those in the Southern Hemisphere, your summer is on the way! Come and get it!

This backdrop was from a friend’s FaceBook, Pandora’s Box. Thanks Pandy!

BackgroundsRadai (5)

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, you know you will be taking a vacation to the Islands, so come and get yourself one too! Modero/120/149/28

I use KaTink Poses in my shoots.

Skin by LaVie
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations “Romeo”
Tatt: ECCENTRIC – Soffio Tairov
Similar Men’s Flat Barefeet
Sunglasses: Egoisme Diva Vision – Red

The Gentry “50 Shades of Grey”   Leave a comment

BGr Mustang (2)_004

Just a nice, elegant, casual styled outfit by The Gentry.

BGr Mustang (2)_006

I love the white collar and split cuffs. Just look at how crisp they are! Great look. Sun/171/86/3051

I use KaTink Poses and Backgounds in my shoots. Determined/69/152/1001

Hair by Bad@zz
Skin by LaVie
Boots by The Gentry (not incl)

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I love the outfits designed by The Gentry because they embody the style I am probably most comfortable wearing. Nice necklace and belt included too!


Masculine, a little bit of tough, but always tasteful and handsome! Check out the scorpion on my right thigh….nice touch! They always dress the outfit up a little with the zipper and band accents on the legs or arms…check the lapels too. Sun/171/86/3051

I use KaTink poses and backgrounds and poses for my shoots Determined/69/152/1001

Hair by A&A
Skin by LaVie
Boots by The Gentry (not incl)

In Church   Leave a comment

In Church

So here I am saying my prayers in church Sunday and some lady sits down next to me and decides to flash her boob….in church! OMG what is this world coming to????

BTW, wearing LoveCats Amped up…

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LoveCats RECKLESS # (3)

What can I say about LoveCats RECKLESS! Its an awesome party outfit to go to the club in and dance! And its different than last weeks outfit! Its toned down a little but still wild and crazy! Burly’s gettin’ down to da beat of dis drum fo sho! Comes with the boots, the jeans, the holes in the jeans too! And a nice T-shirt with some funkay textures in it. The jewelry and hair is mine. Hope you like it! See the video here:

LoveCats RECKLESS # (1)

Check out the prim belts on the boots man! And the belt on the left arm looks awesome too! They are both part of the outfit. LoveCats gives you more for your hard earned Linden!

Video Here:

Hair By Calico Ingmann Creations “Romeo”
Skin by LaVie
Necklace by Gems and Kisses 2nd Anniv #18
Cuffs by The Golden Fleece
Static Poses Exclusively by KaTink



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