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LaVie Does Men’s Mesh!!   Leave a comment

And They do it VERY WELL! These designs by designs by Pompeja Rossini, CEO and designer at LaVie really made me feel like the bees knees…the cats pajamas too!

Above is the LaVie Barletta black open Hoodie with Washington Jeans in Blue. Smooth, tight-looking, sharp!

Below you see the LaVie Sydney Sweater in Red. You can wear it out or in with a prim buckle and belt on the pants.


Below you will see a pair of Barletta open hoodies in blue and burgundy. Nice touch on the crest!


Next you will see LaVie’s Zuerich open hoodies in grey, blue and brown below.These jackets just look awesome.


So LaVie’s clothes made me feel like my old days in school as a college letterman. I hadda call in blogger and friend Kara Trapdoor for some fun! Kara first remark was how good I looked in these awesome duds!

Yes, folks, Kara is a for real cheerleader for the SLF Cowboys! Great Pom poms, wouldn’t you say? 🙂

Run on down to LaVie and pick up some of these awesome designs!! The Jeans come in black and blue and they have a set of pants that come in a dozen colors as well. And while you are at it, pick up some skin too. LaVie has awesome designs and skins for the gals too, so bring yours with ya!

Burly’s Stylecard

All Jewelry by Chop Zuey

Hair by Cheerno

Glasses by Cheerno

Skin by LaVie

Shape by Maverick Avatar Design

Boots by L&B





sf designs does Fashion For Life with the “Speranza” for him and her!   Leave a comment

Swaffette Firefly has created this design as an exclusive for the Fashion For Life event and all proceeds from the sale of these two outfits will be donated to Cancer research.

Just a note about the vest….The vest in this outfit has been designed by ‘Elle’ of Elysium Military Tailoring – she has given Swaffette her permission to replicate her designs in sl. Please visit her website to see the real deal!

Burly’s Stylecard:
Hair by W&Y
Skin by LaVie
Outfit by sf designs

Kara’s gown “Speranza”


LM for the event: Volta/128/129/26

LM for sf designs:

Akeruka Skins Male “Liam” AND Female “Alba” gifts   Leave a comment

Just before the holiday, you saw my post on the gift skin offered by Akeruka for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Well there were actually four skins available as gifts, two for the boys and two for the girls. These are the other two skins, Liam and Alba, as noted above. So, I did my thing with one shot and then I said, why not call Kara in and ask her to do the Alba skin as a joint blog with me. She said yes, she had just picked it up as well and would join me for the shots!

Yo Kara, better work a little harder on that tan, girl! As you can see, the Alba skin has a bit of a sheen to its light complected shade, while the mens skin is much darker. Obviously, if you wish to spend some Linden, you can get shades in both skins, as well as other makeups and beards. 

Both skins show very nicely. The female skin is smooth, satiny almost, while the men’s is just what we want….highly defined musculature in all the right places. I have received so many compliments from people on this skin. Everything from hunk to hot to handsome. I’ll take any of them! 

Oh and BTW, I just happened to TP into Akeruka’s booth at the Fair this afternoon and look who I ran into! The people that make it all happen at Akeruka, Agony Helse on the right and KaoZ Koba on the left. These two are constantly involved in and at their store gabbing and helping their customers all the time. Thanks very much to you guys for making our SL world better! Coming to your place is a pleasure!

So bebop on down to Akeruka and pick up your free skins and anything else you want. They have complete avatar kits with skin, shape, everything you need including the style card!

Burly is wearing:

Maverick Avatar Designs Custom Shape

Laqroki Roulette Hair

LaPointe and Bastchild Pants and Belt

sf designs mens earings

Garded Secrets arm tats and necklace

MTP Mens Muchacho Barbwire bracelets

Akeruka Skins Thanksgiving Gift and Egoisme Fashion Thanksgiving Gift…Male and Female!   Leave a comment

First and foremost, I want to wish all my friends here and in SL a very happy and joyous Thanksgiving and I hope you all are enjoying the love of fambly and frens. I also hope the beans, stuffing, taters, gravy, cranberries, turkey and pies are settling down now and allowing you to re-buckle that belt! If not, enjoy a nap and get ready for some leftovers later tonight! :O nahm nahm nahm……

Anyway, on the stand today, I am showing a totally free outfit, including the skin! Both the skin and the outfit, although unrelated, come in male and female versions!!!

The skin is Akeruka Manuel Thanksgiving Gift and is a total winner and new look for me. I really enjoy the soft tones and the lighter hair color for a change! And the definition is really awesome too. It comes with a turkey tat on front left chest and a “Happy Thanksgiving” Tat on the rear as shown below. Dont forget, it is available in male and female editions.

The outfit, free at Egoisme, is called the Dreamcatcher and comes with everything you see including boots! I took off the ripped shirt that came with the outfit to show the skin….Again, both male and female versions are available. You may have to ask a CSR at Egoisme to point out the “diamond” in the wall at the jewelry department so you can claim the gift. 😛

Here’s to an awesome holiday season!  xoxox Bri

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