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7 Deadly {S}kins Gift meets Vero Modero Gift!   1 comment

7 & VM  (2)

OK, this post worked out perfectly, because I received two gifts the same day from different designers. One, a skin from 7 Deadly {S}kins, is a new add to the Judas line. It features a new facial hair design and a bit of work around the eyes that makes it a bit on the macabre side. It looks like Judas may have been partying pretty hard lately…. 😮

7 & VM  (3)

The second gift is brought to you by the good folks at Vero Modero and is called the “Wool Vest Set.” It goes well with the Judas skin. The set consists of a shirt, a jacket (the vest) and a pair of black jeans. This outfit is mesh and includes several sizes in the folder. Really nice casual outfit.

Thank you to 7 Deadly {S}kins and Vero Modero for the freebies! They build customer loyalty and good will. TP down to both locations and pick yours up. You must join the groups to get them. 🙂

Vero Modero:

7 Deadly {S}kins:

Burly wears:

Hair: Bad@zz “Game”

Skin: 7 Deadly {S}kins “Judas”

Eyes: Poetic Colors “Moon in Blueberry”

Shape: Maverick Designs custom

Outfit: Vero Modero “Wool Vest Set” mesh

Boots: Deco “Brawler” mesh











Gizza Men’s Winter Outfits With HUD Color Control!   Leave a comment

Gizza (2)

The full length shot above shows head to toe, how awesome this outfit is. It’s just so realistic. The scarf, the turtleneck and the jacket go really well together and the pants are textured the same as the jacket, so it looks like a suit. Notice the shoes are also shaded to match the suit….nice touch, Giz! There is even a hanky in the jacket outside breast pocket!

Gizza (5)

Now to get to the fun part of this outfit. There is a HUD included which will allow for the user to change the colors of the sweater, scarf and hanky! So you will have 27 different color combinations at the tip of your mouse click.

Gizza (6)

As you can see, there are some really neat colors to work with the cranberry color of the suit. Above are grey scarf and hanky with the cranberry sweater. This is one of my favorite combos. Below you will see lotsa cranberry, which is growing on me every time I look at it.

Gizza (8)

Below you will find the HUD that controls all the color action. There are 4 colors available. They are grey, cranberry, purple and blue. Just click next to the accessory to get the color of your choice and voila!

Gizza HUD

Sooooo, all in all, this is a homerun! I love the outfit and the unlimited looks you can get from different color combinations. Certainly, even without the HUD, this is a smashing outfit! So TP on down to Gizza’s and have a look. And bring the wifey with you. There is a hole world of his and hers fashions to explore!

Burly Wears:

Hair by MADesigns “Luka”

Shape by Maverick

Skin by Evian “Mauro”

Eyes by Poetic Colors “Moon” in blueberry





Gizza “Passion and Glory”   Leave a comment

Gizza Passion and GloryBurly and Burlyta are out raisin hell this weekend in a very cool outfit for you both to play in. On sale right now at Gizza! We are both wearing the “Vampire Lover’s skin from Akeruka too!





Vampire Legacy “Eloise”   1 comment


Vampire Legacy Eloise (1) OK, folks….this is blogging history for me. My first post as a female avatar. I hope you like Burlyta! But check out this rockin’ HOTTTT outfit by H3LL Nexen. It is truly worthy of Burlyta’s first experience as a model, is it not? Its an awesome gown that would make Dracula’s blood boil, no doubt! 


Vampire Legacy Eloise (3)Above, you will see when the laundry comes off, it kicks the heat up a bunch! There are so many ways to wear this design! Loving the gloves and this nice collar around the neck, aren’t ya!


Vampire Legacy Eloise (6)Take off the shirt and it just keeps getting HOTTER, doesn’t it? Awesome necklace is part of the package too! I gotta say, Burlyta is doin’ it for me! Is that like wrong???


Vampire Legacy Eloise (8)Look at that derriere in those undies! Latex never looked so good! Loving the “batwings” design on the undies too! And the boots and stockings combo are awesome H3LL! 

Vampire Legacy and @narchy both make male and female designs, so take your partner down to the shop and bang that credit card good! Tell them Burlyta sent you!


Skin by Akeruka

Shape by Shape-it-Up

Eyes by Redgrave

Hair by Truth







Mohna Lisa for the men in Khaki and White….   Leave a comment

GTO (3)

A simple outfit, tastefully done. By Mohna Lisa Couture. Includes Shirt, pants, socks and shoes.  1966 GTO not included, its in my RL garage!

Hair by A&A

Teeth by Cheerno

“These Eyes…..”   Leave a comment

These eyes.....

A good friend looked at me the other day with eyes that dazzled in the sunlight and danced in the moonlight. Her eyes were incredible and were unlike any others I had seen in SL or RL.

Granted, she has some awesome eyes to begin with, but that day they were inexplicably stunning, so much so that I asked her if she was wearing contact lenses. She rolled those big golden brown eyes in their sockets and said “NO WAY, you bastard!”

“I am wearing ¡QYN! Supernatural Living Eyes, if you must know!”

“WOW! Where’d you get them?” I asked apprehensively.

“OMG, I can’t believe you want me to give away my newest secret,” she said.

“Well, if you must know, Burly, I got them at

Yup, thats exactly what she said! So I wasted no time by running directly to the marketplace and ordering me up some Blues! They come in blues, greens, greys, darks, and won’t set you back a ton! Just 149L is all.

These fit over your existing eyes as prims and the neat thing about them is not only that they gleam and glitter, without the sparkle, I might add that was so prevalent in previous shimmering eyes, but their iris actually expands and contracts just like your eyes do in RL! How do you like them peepers!

Oh, by the way, I’d like to thank you, uhhhh….ummm, dang, I forget your name!  😛


QYN Cosmetics, Supernatural Living Eyes – Most realistic SL eyes – Contracting iris and shaped cornea – Hyperrealistic


LoveCats Drow Skin….for the Goul in you!   Leave a comment

Lovecats Drow

LoveCats Drow 2

In my humble opinion, this skin is flawless…amazing detail.  Shadows and tones look awesome. The ripped jeans and purple shirt outfit is also by LoveCats and was free, prim belt included! Join their group for awesome specials and freebies for toms and kitties as well as other club and roleplay wear.

Hair by A&A “Brody”

Shape by Maverick Designs (custom)

Eyes by Redgrave “Venus”

Necklace by Lagrange “Vexed”

Boots by L&B “Biker”

Poses and background by KaTink

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