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EGOISME! Evian skins! Allejandro and Melinda’s Play Date….   Leave a comment

I was lucky enough to get the two latest skins from Ramses Meridith, CEO of Egoisme (pronounced Ego is me.) The gent’s skin is called “Alejandro” and the lady’s skin is called “Melinda” and I did a joint blog with Starlite Starbrite Constellation, General Manager of Mona Lisa Couture. So what you will see here is a lot of Evian skin and a bit of MLC designs for him and her as well as some nice things from some other SL designers.

This first image shows Burly in the tan Alejandro skin with Starlite in the Melinda dark during the first part of their day after a nice bike ride.  

Above, Burly’s hair by Egoisme, “Salon de Glow M-02” with his outfit by Lapoint and Bastchild and jewelry by Chop Zuey. Star’s hair by Vanity “Sunset blvd v2- blonde  mesh,” outfit by Howear,  earrings by Sin City, eylashes by Cake.

Below, you will see Burly and Star enjoying the sun on the beach, Burly in Alejandro dark and Star in Melinda dark.

Above, Burly’s swmsuit by Shiki “Bluetiare,” hair bu Egoisme “Salon de Glow M-01,” and jewelry by Chop Zuey. Star’s swimsuit by Voluptia,  “papillion blue,” butterfly tattoo included. Hair by Truth, “Rhonda.” Jewelry by Gems and Kisses, nails by Virtual Insanity.

Last, we have Burly and Star on the stairways at Mohna Lisa Couture at the end of the evening with Burly in Alejandro Medium and Star in Melinda Dark.

Above, Burly’s outfit complete by Mohna Lisa Couture, “Men Behaving Badly” in B&W, jewelry by Chop Zuey. Starlite is in Mohna Lisa Couture “Queens Park” cognac, hair is Ploom “Dusty beehive,” and her jewelry is by Paper Couture.

Summing up the skins for Egoisme Evian, both male and female skins are available with many different options. There are many different beard tatts for the guys, makeups for the girls, teeth tatts and limitless coloring with the “Vividtone” feature, eyes in different colors, and avatar shapes too! The detail in these skins is spectacular. TP down and check out the demos.


Mohna Lisa

Lapointe and Bastchild


Mohna Lisa’s “Men Behaving Badly” in B&W Mesh!   1 comment

WOW! This suit is the BOMB! Its perfect for Summer wear on any occasion. Shown below is the suit version with white closed shirt and silver tie. The fedora is a nice touch and included. The stripe in the hat matches the tie.

Below you see Burly behaving badly in the open black shirt version with the silver tie. Notice the stripe in the fedora changes to match the shirt! Nice touch, MO!

Below Burly is trying not to peek at his associate’s attributes while wearing the white open shirt version. Notice again, the fedora matches the tie!

I think you guys AND gals will agree, this is one helluba good lookin’ suit! Whether you choose a formal or a casual setting, you are all set with both versions. The shoes, the hat, the tie, open and closed shirts and color changing cufflinks are all included in this elegant or naughty design. TP on down to Mohna Lisa Couture and tell Mo or one of the store models to hook you up!

Burly’s Style Card

Skin by LaVie

Shape by Maverick Avatar Designs

Jewelry by Chop Zuey



Akeruka Antonio “Culture Shock” skin   Leave a comment

I think Burly has it all under control here. This skin is flawless and is ready for anything you can want to do in second life dudes!

The big reason this skin was designed was for the Culture Shock Event. The second annual “Culture Shock” event in May 2012 (May 4th – May 26th) aims to be an important event for the Secondlife fashion culture. Celebrating trends and trendsetters within our business, and incorporating music and art, all with reflections of our own personal first life cultures depicted in our creations.

SPONSORED BY MODAVIA PRODUCTIONS.  and a special Culture Shock Modavia Fashion Directory Supplement will be printed just before the event opens.

The chosen charity for this event is Médecins Sans Frontières (for the second year).

184 Store spaces will be available for the showcasing of products, including a mandatory minimum of 1 new and exclusive item each – contributing 50 or 100% of their profit to charity.

Get more information or apply to participate on our website – Bloggers will be picked from the CHIC Updates bloggers role group.

                         The Team
Keira Seerose – CHIC Management Events CEO
Kristy Seerose – Event Assistant (CHIC Management)
Anyalia Pearl – Assistant to Keira Seerose
Katya Jhamin – Round ups

Find the skin here along with its sister edition, Blanca:

Burly’s Stylecard

Hair by EdelStore “Lisandro”

Shape by Maverick Avatar Designs

Outfit by Sartoria “Black & White Styling 6”

Blood Tatt & Eyes by SCS Designs “True Blood”

Jewelry by Chop Zuey

Egoisme Evian “Riccardo”…..we ain’t gettin any younger!   Leave a comment

OK, so Ramses is telling us something with this skin. Guys, some of us aren’t getting any younger. I think its a great skin that shows men can age, but do so gracefully.

Above, you will see the Dark skin with the #4 teeth option and full beard. I also added a bit more

darkness with the “vividtone” tattoo which allows you to tint the skin ANY color you like.

Above, here’s something new to me and I’m sure to many of you as well. Soap bubbles from the bath tub!

Is that a hint Ramses? On the left, dark, on the right, bubbles on dark skin. Maybe Burly was washing the car?

Above, you have tan on the left, pale in the middle and extra pale on the right. 

This skin comes with so many options for you! You have teeth, tons of facial hair options, limitless coloring with the “Vividtone” feature, eyes in different colors, shapes, and now a fresh from the tub option of bubble foam! So run on down to Egoisme and grab your pleasure, LM is below!

Burly’s Stylecard

Hair by Bad@zz

Eyes by Evian “Yellow”

Shape by Maverick Avatar Design

Jewelry by Chop Zuey

Trunks by Champagne “Sugar”

“Axel” Skin at Egoisme by BROX RIAXIK   Leave a comment

A soft but masculine skin by  Brox Riaxik is being sold

at Egoisme. I liked it! I made the shade above myself!

The skin comes in several shades as well as the optional “Vividtone” which

is a tattoo layer that will allow you to shade the skin any color you want!

And as you see, you can wear it with freckles as well!

Get your butt down to Egoisme and get this while its hot!

Burly’s Stylecard

Hair by Bad@zz
Earrings by Chop Zuey
Shape By Maverick Avatar Design
Jacket and Necklace by Lapointe and Bastchild

















LaVie Does Men’s Mesh!!   Leave a comment

And They do it VERY WELL! These designs by designs by Pompeja Rossini, CEO and designer at LaVie really made me feel like the bees knees…the cats pajamas too!

Above is the LaVie Barletta black open Hoodie with Washington Jeans in Blue. Smooth, tight-looking, sharp!

Below you see the LaVie Sydney Sweater in Red. You can wear it out or in with a prim buckle and belt on the pants.


Below you will see a pair of Barletta open hoodies in blue and burgundy. Nice touch on the crest!


Next you will see LaVie’s Zuerich open hoodies in grey, blue and brown below.These jackets just look awesome.


So LaVie’s clothes made me feel like my old days in school as a college letterman. I hadda call in blogger and friend Kara Trapdoor for some fun! Kara first remark was how good I looked in these awesome duds!

Yes, folks, Kara is a for real cheerleader for the SLF Cowboys! Great Pom poms, wouldn’t you say? 🙂

Run on down to LaVie and pick up some of these awesome designs!! The Jeans come in black and blue and they have a set of pants that come in a dozen colors as well. And while you are at it, pick up some skin too. LaVie has awesome designs and skins for the gals too, so bring yours with ya!

Burly’s Stylecard

All Jewelry by Chop Zuey

Hair by Cheerno

Glasses by Cheerno

Skin by LaVie

Shape by Maverick Avatar Design

Boots by L&B




“Men Behaving Badly”….MESH by Mohna Lisa Couture   Leave a comment

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a suit combination that is both bad ass and elegant. What look will you choose tonight?

Above, Men Behaving Badly in grey. Open shirt, tie untied. The girls are optional.

Below, Men Behaving Badly in black. Crisp, elegant, not a stitch out of place.

Its a gorgeous suit no matter what way you look at it.

So, be bad and elegant….

Or be sharp and be elegant…

You make that choice!

One of the elegant details…french cuffs with color changing gems in the cufflinks.

The suit comes in black and grey, and two tie colors. It also includes average size and muscular size. There are 5 different alpha layers to keep things smooth! Cover some or cover all. Your choice. The outfit comes with shoes and socks as well.

So get your elegant asses down to Mohna Lisa Couture now and add this to your closet! Mohna has it all for guys and girls so bring yours with you. Enjoy your Second Life!

Burly’s Stylecard

Hair by Zeus

Skin by LaVie

Shape by Maverick Avatar Design

Jewelry By Chop Zuey


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