“The Window” prop by KaTink is very cool, reasonably priced, and the studio is FREE!   1 comment

This awesome prop, is brought to you by the fine folks at KaTink and is simply called “The Window” It has 3 walls and a floor that can all be textured to your liking using the included textures and HUD. It also sports a set of drapes that can be colored 4 different colors. So you can texture the side walls one texture, the window wall another and the floor has 4 different choices as well. Its literally a portable living room. WindowThe window can be looked into from the outside or can be looked out of from the inside.  I rezzed the prop in front of my KaTink studio background holder and texture organizer (freebie) which is displaying one of KaTink’s fine background textures. (below)

Window b_001Yes, you heard me right! The studio above, which I have been using for over a year and I will vouch for, is FREE at KaTink right now! I use it for ALL my needs when taking pics that require nice backgrounds. Not only that, but KaTink has a bazzilion background textures available in any genre you can think of for a VERY reasonable cost. Yes, a bazzilion! So you too can have professional pictures in no time. All you will need is a pose stand and one of them is available at KaTink as well, or you can use your own.

The possibilities for interesting shots with this prop and studio are endless! You will find a plethora, yes, a plethora, ladies and gentlemen of amazing props and tools at KaTink for your creative selves to make your pictures look more professional today.

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Phoenix Determined/69/152/1001



Bad@zz Skin “The Predator” in 3 flavors!   Leave a comment

The Predator Lighter Skin PackThe picture above shows the “lighter skin” pack of Predator. Extra Pale, Pale, Nougat Unshaven, and Nougat Shaved.

The Predator Tan & MochaThe picture above shows the “mocha and tan” pack of Predator. You have Mocha in shade and shaved and Tan in shade and shaved. Shade is roughly equal to a 5 o’clock shadow.

The Predator Roleplay Skin PackLast but not least, above is the “Roleplay” version of Predator, with a light grey, a dark grey, a drow with black eyebrows, a drow with white eyebrows and finally, a vampire pale skin which I added the teeth to for realistic looks.

Please note that this skin comes with both bald and hair options in all folders and two types of body hair as well. You will also find two sets of eyebrows in each folder too, one is “Calm/good” and the other is “evil/bad.” These shots were all taken with the good guy eyebrows. LOL.

TP to Bad@zz to see these and other skins, or you can buy them right on MP at the link below.



With the exception of the drow skin with white eyebrows, the hair is Bad@zz “Badboy.” The white hair is from Madesigns.



7 Deadly {S}kins Gift meets Vero Modero Gift!   1 comment

7 & VM  (2)

OK, this post worked out perfectly, because I received two gifts the same day from different designers. One, a skin from 7 Deadly {S}kins, is a new add to the Judas line. It features a new facial hair design and a bit of work around the eyes that makes it a bit on the macabre side. It looks like Judas may have been partying pretty hard lately…. 😮

7 & VM  (3)

The second gift is brought to you by the good folks at Vero Modero and is called the “Wool Vest Set.” It goes well with the Judas skin. The set consists of a shirt, a jacket (the vest) and a pair of black jeans. This outfit is mesh and includes several sizes in the folder. Really nice casual outfit.

Thank you to 7 Deadly {S}kins and Vero Modero for the freebies! They build customer loyalty and good will. TP down to both locations and pick yours up. You must join the groups to get them. 🙂

Vero Modero: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vero%20Modero/120/149/28

7 Deadly {S}kins: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Epicosity/233/96/2001

Burly wears:

Hair: Bad@zz “Game”

Skin: 7 Deadly {S}kins “Judas”

Eyes: Poetic Colors “Moon in Blueberry”

Shape: Maverick Designs custom

Outfit: Vero Modero “Wool Vest Set” mesh

Boots: Deco “Brawler” mesh










Gizza Men’s Winter Outfits With HUD Color Control!   Leave a comment

Gizza (2)

The full length shot above shows head to toe, how awesome this outfit is. It’s just so realistic. The scarf, the turtleneck and the jacket go really well together and the pants are textured the same as the jacket, so it looks like a suit. Notice the shoes are also shaded to match the suit….nice touch, Giz! There is even a hanky in the jacket outside breast pocket!

Gizza (5)

Now to get to the fun part of this outfit. There is a HUD included which will allow for the user to change the colors of the sweater, scarf and hanky! So you will have 27 different color combinations at the tip of your mouse click.

Gizza (6)

As you can see, there are some really neat colors to work with the cranberry color of the suit. Above are grey scarf and hanky with the cranberry sweater. This is one of my favorite combos. Below you will see lotsa cranberry, which is growing on me every time I look at it.

Gizza (8)

Below you will find the HUD that controls all the color action. There are 4 colors available. They are grey, cranberry, purple and blue. Just click next to the accessory to get the color of your choice and voila!

Gizza HUD

Sooooo, all in all, this is a homerun! I love the outfit and the unlimited looks you can get from different color combinations. Certainly, even without the HUD, this is a smashing outfit! So TP on down to Gizza’s and have a look. And bring the wifey with you. There is a hole world of his and hers fashions to explore!


Burly Wears:

Hair by MADesigns “Luka”

Shape by Maverick

Skin by Evian “Mauro”

Eyes by Poetic Colors “Moon” in blueberry





“Max” will be 7 Deadly s{K}ins MOH Gotcha! (Man Only Hunt)   Leave a comment

This event will begin on February 1st and promises to have some phenomenal merchandise available for the hunters! Although I am not 100% sure, I believe this hunt will go until Feb 28th. Below, you will see the Gotcha which will be contributed by  7 Deadly s{K}ins. The skin is called “Max.” In your box will be 7 versions of the skin! 4 shades of clean-shaven Max and 3 bearded Maxes, all light shaded. My preference is normally for darker skins, so I am diggin’ #4 in the top row. But I also love a full beard too, so the #2 in the bottom row rocks too! There really is something for everyone in this box!

7 Deadly Sins Max

I hope you will join in this hunt and take advantage of all the merchandise offered! If you would like to visit  7 Deadly s{K}ins, TP is below!




Vero Modero Must Haves for men!   Leave a comment

I am soooo far behind on my blogging it isn’t funny. Got slammed before the holidays and time online diminishes as well. But anyway, this blog has 7 Vero Modero outfits on it and I decided to do them all at once! These are definitely MUST HAVES for your wardrobe…I get awesome compliments wherever I wear them.

↓ Vero Modero “Adam” jacket

(Evian Mauro Skin, PC Eyes Christmas)Vero Modero Adam Jacket and Pants Gift (4)

↓ Vero Modero “Adam” jacket and pantsVero Modero Adam Jacket and Pants Gift (5)

↓ Vero Modero Andon Jacket and Pants….LOVE ROCKS shirt

( 7 Deadly s{K}ins Judas)Vero Modero Andon (10)

↓ Vero Modero Andon Jacket and Pants – no shirt

(Evian Mauro Skin)Vero Modero Andon (12)

↓ Vero Modero “Dora” Jacket with shirt

(Evian Mauro Skin)Vero Modero Dora  Blog (5)

↓ Vero Modero “Dora” Jacket no shirt

(7 Deadly s{K}ins Judas)Vero Modero Dura (8)

↓ Vero Modero Gold Tux

(WOW Skins Duke)Vero Modero Gold Tux (2)

↓ Vero Modero Gold Tux

(WOW Skins Duke) Vero Modero Gold Tux (3)

↓ Vero Modero “Orko” Fur Jacket No shirt

(Evian Mauro Skin)Vero Modero Orko  (10)

↓ Vero Modero “Orko” Fur Jacket  with Shirt

(Evian Mauro Skin) Vero Modero Orko  (13)

↓ Vero Modero “Orko” Fur Coat

(Evian Mauro Skin)Vero Modero Orko Fur Coat Brown Blog (15)

↓ Vero Modero “Orko” Fur Coat

(Evian Mauro Skin)Vero Modero Orko Fur Coat Brown Blog (18)

↓ Vero Modero “Suat Jacket with “Murat” Pants and “Black Label” shirt

(Evian Mauro Skin)Vero Modero Suat Jacket Black Label Blog (1)

↓ Vero Modero “Suat Jacket with “Murat” Pants and “Black Label” shirt

(Evian Mauro Skin)Vero Modero Suat Jacket Black Label Blog (2)

I think you will agree, these selections are smooth and sassy. I hope you will go to VM and check them out, fellas. And bring the wifey/partner with you. Plenty there for her too!


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