NEW RELEASE!! Mohna Lisa’s Latest Tux is SMOKIN’!!   Leave a comment

YOU READ IT HERE FIRST!! Mohna Lisa’s new release in fashion for the men is called “Smoking Jacket Tuxedo” and in this particular instance is Charcoal in color. And it is, indeed, a smoker. As are all of Mohna’s designs, it is elegant, functional and will definitely turn heads when you enter the room, guys! Ladies, if you are not 100% confident in your relationship, steer clear of this one for your man. Burly decends the stairs to the main floor at Mohna Lisa Couture in the open white shirt with cravat option and stops for a few snaps from the gallery of photographers covering this event at Mohna Lisa Couture’s new store Grand Re-opening on Saturday.

The textures on this tuxedo are fabulous. You would swear you could reach out and feel the richness of the vest and the tuxedo coat, looking almost like the softness of lambswool we saw in so many designs in the 50’s. You can see a satin sheen on the lapels as well. The design of the cravat on this option is very rich in flavor, something that any gentleman would be proud to wear out with his lady, or with the fellas at the cigar bar. Truly the lifestyle of the rich and famous in your study at home as well.

Yes, the outfit even comes with a cigar which will puff smoke at 5 second intervals! But look also at the crisp white tuxedo shirt. The collar is prim and well starched. The cuffs and cuff links show smartly with just the right amount of white protruding from the jacket sleeve. The shirt sleeves are actually part of the prim sleeves to the jacket. There are also two styles of prim collars for the tuxedo jacket as well. One is a regular size and another is quite a large  prim for those with a flair for a dramatic styling.

Next, above you will see 6 different options for the neckline. There are three regular ties in black, gold and red that are embedded in nicely starched prim collars and look very sharp! There are also bow tie and cravat options as well as an open shirt for later in the evening after dancing for a while. You will see that all three collars are differently styled to give that special look for each option.

Above, you will see several additional looks for styling this showstopper. You can opt for no tails showing a waist coat and vest with any of the tie combinations, or you can wear the vest without the waist coat the same way. And of course you can also wear the white shirt only with all the tie combinations as well.

Above, you will see the tails options, on the left the formal version and on the right, a longer regular version.  A third option is discussed above, wearing the waist coat without tails, giving yourself more of a James West look.

Also included with the outfit is a very nice pair of formal shoes with a nice sliver buckle. You will also notice the detail of the cuff link as well.

There is no doubt, gents, this design truly is a home run, smokin’ all the way over the center field bleachers! Make your way down to the new store at Mohna Lisa Couture and see this and many other fine Tuxedos as well as their casual wear! And bring your lady with you. Mohna has some outstanding designs in her gowns, dresses and casual wear for women as well. And sexy as all get out boys! Please tell them you saw it at Burly’s blog, OK? What are you waiting for? 🙂

Burly’s details:

Madd Designs Hair & Eyes

Bad@zz Skins

Alter:Ego Custom Shape By Eimear Halcali

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