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Post # 31A- My first GUEST BLOGGER – Burly Tigerpaw doing what he does so well

by Nave Fall on December 25, 2010

I’ve been busy with Christmas in RL so I’ve brought in a pinch hitter for the very first time in IPOIP history (this took some guts to do).

Burly Tigerpaw is a supermodel who also happens to be a good friend of mine and Kim’s. All right, all righttttttttttt  he’s more my friend then her “fiend” but you don’t need to hear that story…………

Anyway, recently Burly told me he was going to enter some modeling contest, or other (there are so many now I can’t keep up), and needed a “unique” outfit to stop the judges in their tracks. I thought about that for a while, then talked to Kim, and she, eventually, gave him a copy an unusual outfit to try on for size,  Marcus Night’s MR VIRTUAL WORLD national costume from last summer’s event (which has never been put out for sale), that Kim designed, and named,  for Marcus who wore it as Mr. Italy in that competition. I think it’s a dandy outfit, perhaps because I got to help create it and it was built on my shape. Kim didn’t have Marcus’ shape when she got down to it  so she used what was handy at the time. Mine was available. Anyway I think Burly wore this really well and blogged it even better. Thanks Bri…………

In the Western Roman Empire the title of “Count” came to, generically, indicate a military commander, whose authority was derived directly from the royal household, the “palace” in its original sense as the seat of power and administration. Thus, the reason Burly chose this amazing replica of royal and military significance, “Count Marcus,”  styled by Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau.

A Count has serious responsibilities and requires a look that speaks of commendation, confidence and authority. You’ll see this illustrated throughout the spectacular design efforts of our pixellated seamstress. The epaulets on each shoulder bear the bars of this Commander with a nice touch of fringe on the cushioned outer pads. The collar is crisp and white,  encircled by the jacket’s collar showing classic rich, royal colors of black, gold and burgundy. The stitching is exquisite as are the military crosses and the family crest badge prominently displayed on the lower front collar.

A braided rope extends from the left shoulder across the chest to the right hip and returns along the back to the left shoulder. Sashes of royal blue and burgundy extend from the right shoulder to the left hip over the rope and, in like manner, up the back to the right shoulder again. The burgundy sash displays a cross of gold under the ribbon near the left hip and the royal blue sash displays blue tassels on gold thread dangling smartly beneath the cross. You will also notice four medallions displayed prominently on the left breast,  significant of this Count’s heroic efforts to protect the palace of the empire.

Looking at the sleeves of the jacket, the Count shows just the right amount of white cuff and finishes his look with classic, formal, white dress gloves.  The trousers are what we’d expect. Well fitted black with nice prim pant legs. A formal top hat is available for those who’d like to wear one.

As a member of the Royal Family, or a Commander in their armed forces, Count Burly will never lack confidence, or poise, in this remarkable work of art! Get it soon at Tres Beau Designs!

Some other details

Hair by Maddesigns

Skin by Belleza

Shape by Eimear Halcali

Boots by G&T

Photography by Burly him own self (heh)

From → Nave raving

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  1. Hello Nave. Thank you for your support, I appreciate it. You and Kimmera have always been there for me and I am thankful to have you both in my life! Happy holidays! xoxo Bri

    • Nave Fall permalink

      You’re welcome sir………….. We appreciate you too. I had the idea that given the state of détente between various of SL’s fashion factions that I’d make sure this blogpost was preserved for posterity (I thought it might get deleted, out of picque if nothing else, where it was originally posted and that would have been a childish and petty action (but an entirely typical move on the part of the owner of that “particular” blog ). That would have been a travesty.

      Kim was startled, but very appreciative, that you chose to apply your considerable photographic, styling and writing skills on Tres Beau’s behalf with this dandy post btw. Reciprocity is a good thing. Thank you………..

      One thing though, dude…………. quit slobbering on things you don’t own!!!!!!!!!! Those belong to moi.

  2. Geez, one misplaced raspberry and I’m in the dawg house! Dayaaammm….

  3. Apen Parx permalink

    Well done! I appreciate the work behind the outfit and the thought process that Burly used in doing the blog….

    Happy New Year!

    • Mr Parx, you are a gentleman, and a scholar and a judge of good women and whiskey! Thanks!

    • Nave Fall permalink

      That Burly guy is something else……………

      I heard through the underground that Tres Beau Designs is persona non grata on the OpiumInsight blog and then Burly goes and blogs Count Marcus outfit there anyway. That took some righteous cojones to do and that’s one of the reasons I love Burly………… umm err uhh I mean love in one of those “brothery” kinda ways. It’s not like I wanna smack him on the ass and say “Wayyyyyyy to go dude” or have the locker next to his at the gym FFS. Realllllllllllllllllllllllllly I don’t.

  4. Aspen Parx permalink

    That takes big ones…especially since he could get booted from Opium, but does he really care…LOL

  5. topaz2010 permalink

    ummm I sense a “BROMANCE” in the air.

    Ohhh .. not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that. smiles. Not asking and so not telling.

  6. Nave Fall permalink




    /me thinks this over

    First off if the rumor I heard about Tres Beau not being welcome at Opium is, in fact, true, that’s a great loss but their loss, not ours. Tres Beau Designs is well known for our contributions to the entire modeling agency segment of the SL fashion world, frequently providing all the outfits worn at school graduations and classes, supporting various and sundry events and charities and hunts, and lord knows we hand out a ton of stuff to bloggers. Opium’s policy/stance can only emanate from Anastacia Markova herself and if she chooses to cut “her” models and students off from being exposed to Tres Beau designs, wellllllllll, we’ll do just fine without her help as we always have, there are lots of agencies, and bloggers, out there that are dying to feature Kimmera’s work. We GREATLY appreciate Burly taking the time to write, and photograph, that blogpost of his and I didn’t want to see it disappear on anyone’s whim.

    Now to address Ms. Joubert’s contention of imminent “bromance”

    Despite my, well deserved mind you, reputation as an equal opportunity offender I have no issues with how anyone gets their boat floated. SL is all about exploring things you couldn’t, not in a 1,000,000 years, do in RL so I say go for it. Explore away…………Burly and Aspen are both great models and good friends of Kim’s and mine. We tolerate that whiny, nagger Ricoracer too……….. and if any of them are playing on more then one team it’s news to me.

    If they wanna surf together I say


  7. topaz permalink

    I think my comment was taken way out of order. Actually, was referring to the comment Nave posted “umm err uhh I mean love in one of those “brothery” kinda ways. It’s not like I wanna smack him on the ass and say “Wayyyyyyy to go dude” or have the locker next to his at the gym FFS. Realllllllllllllllllllllllllly I don’t.”

    The term “Bromance” is a Hollywood term used to describe admiration and closeness between two buddies. This is a good example of how sarcasm some times doesn’t work.

    I didn’t intend to offend the lads. I’ll also wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday!

  8. *sings to the tune of Lady Gaga* “Caught in a bad bromance”*

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    Burly so rocked that amazing outfit!

  9. I am really impressed with how well written and photographed this blog post is…very well done Burly:)
    I am also a bit saddened and slightly confused at the mention of a rumour about Tres Beau being ‘persona non grata’ at Opium, as I have heard a different rumour in regard to the relationship between the two which seems to suggest the exact opposite – it really makes me wonder how such stories come about in the first place:/ but I hope that there is no truth to either one, of course.
    Having said that, I am sad to see Burly leaving Opium, particularly so soon after his brilliant blog…I for one will miss him (and I do respect his decision to leave, whatever the reasons may be). Fortunately, we models usually play on many teams at once, ensuring future opportunities to work together and have fun:)
    And I do mean modeling agencies, in case that was not quite clear *laughs;)


  10. Aspen Parx permalink

    OK ! OK! How much do I have to pay you Nave to get my chance at being a guest Blogger.

  11. Nave Falla permalink

    Make me an offer………………….

    I can be bought

    I’m not cheap

    but there’s a different catch

    You gotta get Kim’s choice of a men’s Tres Beau outfit to blog

Post # 31B – and Now Burly Thinks This Is His Blog

by Nave Fall on January 2, 2011

Topaz Joubert commented about a couple of previous comments that went back and forth between Burly and Aspen:

“ummm I sense a “BROMANCE” in the air.

Ohhh .. not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that.  smiles. Not asking and so not telling. Now”

Burly has gone berserk…………………….. Read on.

A couple things here….Topaz, WTF is a “Bromance”?

(Nave comments – Bromance is a portmanteau of the words bro or brother and romance. If  Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, described as “perhaps the pioneering bromance in showbiz history, can do it so can you and Aspen dude…………….. Chill)

For anyone interested, I’m more at home in the ladies locker room than the men’s, although I support all sexuality. (Nave blinks………) I’m not going to call it a preference because I don’t believe it is, but that’s a whole ‘nother story I don’t have time for today. Lastly, I resigned from Opium yesterday without notice. (Nave faints………)

Begins RANT!

I am absolutely appalled at the way some agencies are run in SL. You are either in it with all your heart and soul or you should be out of it, period. Forget this stuff ego crap…”Well its MY agency and so and so did this.” (Nave comments – Most people bite off more then they can chew when they start a modeling agency in SL. They want that CEO tag but they have no idea of what they are signing up for. They have no clue about what they’re signing up for financially, emotionally or timewise to do it well, forget about making a profit.)

Can we please check the egos at the log on and handle ourselves in a professional manner? Is that too much to ask? And that goes for all the agencies in SL….how about some scruples please? And please, walk the talk. And GTFO your high horse and treat people like you would like to be treated yourselves….the drama that surrounds modeling in SL is bad enough. Please don’t fuel the fire. (Nave responds – Again the power of the CEO or SuperModel tag is heady and sycophants flock to it, often egging the CEO on with blandishments, while disguising their own agendas.)

I don’t know how some of the top models handle this day in and day out. Even though I can only do this part time due to RL work schedules, I have had more than my share of SL drama in recent months. Being accused of stealing someone’s “look” not by him but by by his wacked out girlfriend to capitalize on “HIS” hard-earned success….that was nuts! (Nave thinks this over – lots of models in SL wear very similar, popular skins and create attractive, but hardly unique, shapes. Achieving a unique “look” or a  “brand”  as trainers like Kay Fairey and Mimi Boa, repeatedly, instruct in their classes, is a right of passage for the best models where when someone glances at them they know exactly who it is. I’m thinking Ricoracer Flux. Lexi Vargas, Apollo Call and blackLiquid (her first name is enough) to name a couple here when I say this)

An agency owner pulled me from a recent show because I stood up for myself in a meeting where she was treating people as if they were grade school children. Let’s see, I styled the wrong outfit for a rehearsal.  Big F’ing deal. And then after the meeting she had the balls to ask me to go dancing at Frank’s to blow off some steam and relax with her? What kind of drugs are you on?

Let’s not even get into contests….I hate the politics and that is what many SL contests boil down to, IMHO. It’s not who you know, it’s who you…well, er…ummmm…..OK, it’s who you, yeah, that! (Nave says: No way, does that really happen? Wowwwwwwwwwwwww. I need to get out more)

For the sake of your own self-esteem, and everyone elses, ask yourself a question, or two, before you do something in any walk, or face,t of your life, SL or RL….

1. If I do, or say this, is it FAIR to the other(s) involved?
2. If someone did this, or said this to me, how would I feel?

Then govern your actions accordingly…..act with integrity.

End of rant, steps down and wishes all my friends and colleagues a wonderful 2011. May you find all the joy love and happiness you deserve!

xoxo Bri

From → Nave raving

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  1. Awww, I feel a group hug comin! With your permission Nave, I would love to copy this to my blog here at WP as well? Whats the easiest way to do? Thx Bri

    Ohhh, PS…I deleted my Mule2 as well. “Kill ‘em all except 8….save them for pallbearers….when they’re done, kill them too.”

    Oh, BTW, did I ever tell you about the time I was told by a MAJOR SL mens designer that if I wanted to continue working at his clothing store that I was required to remove another MAJOR clothing designer that I am extremely loyal to from my picks? I promptly changed into one of the other designer’s tux’s and put my tag for her group on and sat my ass right on a big pedestal in the main courtyard of his store….he did not like that. I resigned from there as well, before the pompous ass had a chance to fire me! Sumbich! :P

  2. Nave Fall permalink

    Do not be touchin me boy…….. Ima spoken for.

    Of course you can take it, you wrote most of it anyway. I can copy this and send it to you as an email of over Skype or you can just cut and paste it.. Let me know what you wanna do.

    Mule2 also huh? Funny lad. I doubt Maxes will miss your participation.

    I can imagine which MAJOR men’s clothing “owner” made that demand and that doesn’t surprise me one bit. I understand how entitled some people get when you “work” for them but we aren’t SLaves as far as I know.

    I do believe that disassociation is the best tactic in the end. I left a modeling agency I was the co-founder of once and haven’t looked back since. Haven’t missed it a bit…………..

  3. *coughs* We’re not SLaves? Tell that to my wardrobe!

    I’ll bet that rant felt as good for Burly as it did for me when I went a little… um… crazy … yeah, that’s it. I blame the hormones.

    People say and do crazy things in SL. It’s a given. But having been on the agency side of shows a few times recently, I can understand how and why CEOs can become frustrated and treat people in a way that might seem unfair or unjustified. As a model, you either roll with it or walk away from it (been there, done that, walked away more than once). As agency staff, I think there have been many CEOs and other bigwigs who needed to learn to bite their tongues, count to ten, and learn the fine art of choosing one’s battles. There’s nothing that can be screwed up that can’t be fixed, even if it does have you tearing your hair out at the time.

  4. wow Burly:/ you certainly did have your share of troubles in SL, but as Vichonette says, your rant must have felt good! I for one agree wholeheartedly with it…
    Human relationships and the balance of egos versus deferring to the needs of others will always be difficult, even more so in a virtual world where trust and goodwill becomes absolutely paramount…it is all the more important to treat each other well and be fair and objective, but most of all: to communicate openly and resolve any issues in ways that will satisfy everyone. Easier said than done, of course, but as long as we continuously strive toward this goal, that is what matters:)
    Love always,

  5. Aspen Parx permalink

    Respect and Love and treat others as you want to be treated!

  6. Nave Fall permalink

    Vich……… there are always 2 sides to things. I’ve also seen some of these disagreements from a 3rd side that of the designer who I believe should have a voice in how a show is staffed and run. If a designer doesn’t find a particular modeling agency’s style suitable or a particular model attractive then they should decide for themselves what they need to do to feel comfortable. My stance is simple and rock-solid: The show starts with the designers. There are shows that are done where an ensemble cast of designers is represented where that may not be the situation but I’m referring to the “generic” one designer show. There are lots of very creative sl modeling agencies whose CEO and staff are ready to work “with” a designer to get the end results they all want.

    If an SL modeling agency CEO becomes “too big” the designer’s show’s focus can be lost undermining the effort to market and sell the clothing, which is why they’re there paying all those $lindens to start with. If an agency puts together a “themed” show that is a different story altogether……………. then the designer needs to hand things over in a timely way and make themselves scarce IMHO.

    We’re never going to become a “No Drama Zone” in this industry. Having the guts to take a stand when something appears morally wrong is a good thing as far as I’m concerned.




Posted January 7, 2011 by Burly Tigerpaw in Uncategorized

One response to “Copied from Nave Fall’s Blog

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  1. I just read this post today, and Burly, I must say, kudos to you! It’s very stressful when managing others, but there’s no need for egos and it’s not an excuse to be rude and disrespectful to others. A part of what turned me off from modeling as Zoey was the petty crap that goes on but I’m slowly coming back, but this time around I won’t let people get me down and I won’t give in to what everyone else is doing to please judges or kiss any butt. I might not be a top model for this, but I think in the end I’ll be much happier in modeling than how I was as Zoey. I love that you are standing up for yourself and not taking any BS from anyone. I think some people are so wrapped up in the “role” they get to play in Second Life when they have a CEO or some sort of higher tag, that they lose perspective and forget how to just be human and that we have emotions. There are way too many designers and agency heads that have this “I’m too good to talk to you/Holier than thou” attitude, and it’s absolutely ridiculous. I get that most people are busy and stressed, but some clearly just love the power and abuse it a bit. Interesting post, Burly and good for you for speaking out!

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