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If you missed the Opium Model Agency Show for SFL couture designs this afternoon, here are two designs of Lexi’s that are hot to go! The first one is called Blue Death. As you can see below, this outfit is dominated by various shades of blue with a touch of black.

The jacket is closed with three skull buttons very stylishly on the right rib cage. The is also a prim collar and a prim jacket skirt that add a nice touch to the design. But the large skull which extends from the left shoulder down close to the belt line on the model’s left side is what really makes the outfit’s name and statement!

The pants are plain and simple with the same color blue that is prevalent in most of the outfit, exception being the prominent SFL insignia on the belt line. The skirt stops just above the knee with a bit of the lighter blues trimming it up nicely.

The back of the outfit does have a bit of added style from the band that starts in the front which extends around the rib cage, under the arm and finishes up nicely with 2 skull buttons which match the 3 on the front of the outfit. Nice touch indeed, Vargas!

But wait! There’s more! Take off the jacket and skirt and you will find a transparent white tank T with the SFL Logo emblazoned on the front center…..nice for a more casual look with a bit of sizzle after the game . The girls love it! *wink*

All in all, this is a definite fashion statement for a man who is not afraid to style up a bit to his Metro side and just as awesome for our friends of Dorothy too!

Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations!! Ben – Sea

Skin: Lapointe “Leopard noir” Mens blue skin, NEKO

Shoes: Kalnins Men’s Slip Ons


The second outfit by Brocade Tiger Is called White Line. This too is another very dramatic design by Lexi Vargas, featuring colors of bright white and light grey with some extraordinary textures and prims. This design also features a nice prim collar that fits the jacket well, but also adds 2 prim shoulder pads, with all three in bright white that give just a hint of contrast to the main jacket of light grey. There are several remarkable details on this jacket that should also be mentioned. Firstly, the texture of tufted diamond designs is a work of art in itself….not an easy fabric to create.

There is nice SFL monogram is nicely woven into the texture of the jacket in a very sophisticated, darker grey font. Right below that you will note a single band fastened to the left side of the jacket which branches out into three equally spaced fastening points which bear the same color as the monogram and nicely close the jacket on the right side. Lexi also uses a bit of chain for added measure and style to add to the jacket’s design. I like it!

You may also notice the skirt is in bright white and begins with a larger diamond tufted texture with a neat trim line that circles the skirt about 3 inches below the waistline of the pants. This is a nice transition into the rest of the free flowing skirt made of a nice smooth satin-like material in bright white. The pants are a comfy grey material and show the SFL insignia on the beltline for added pizzazze.

Looking at the outfit from the back, what can I say? Just a nice smooth design that looks really good passing you by too! I have no idea who the model is, but he could have adjusted the skirt prim with a touch of rotate and position to make it perfect. Bad Burly! oops….

Overall, a nicely done design that makes a dramatic fashion statement….”I am confident, I have a flair for fashion, and I like it!”

Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations!! Romeo – Snow

Skin: Signature Vailen Tone 1

Shoes: Kalnins Mens Slip Ons

Go on down to Brocade Tiger and get yurself a nice present, will ya!

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Posted November 24, 2010 by Burly Tigerpaw in Fashion Shows, SL Mens Fashion, SL New Releases

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