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Burly SteamPunk Station2

Burly atThe Station

NEW SKIN!!! .:WoW:. “RONNIE” is a home run!   1 comment

The skin is amazing…I think Burly looks ruggedly handsome in this skin. The images speak for themselves….

WoW Ronnie


Many different beards available….here are a few.

WoW Skins Ronnie


Slink hand appliers come with this skin!


WOW Ronnie Hand Appliers

If I were you, I’d be grabbing my favorite man or woman and taking the TP below down to .:WoW:. Skins and adding this to my skin inventory. It looks good in any application, casual, RP, formal, you name it! AND  you will fine TONS of skins and accessories for the ladies too! Don’t forget to join the group and slap BOTH MM boards and stop at the HUGE lucky board area with NINE available boards. You will love this place!





.::WoW::. Skin’s “Duke”   1 comment

I wore this skin and tux (Vero Modero Gold) out dancing last weekend. It turned quite a few heads. My date said it was because of her.. I know different!

Vero Modero Gold Tux (5)

Duke’s rugged looks and attention to detail are an awesome combo for this winning skin for this model/blogger. You can buy this skin in several shades and endless beard combinations.

Burly WOW skins (2)

Below you get a better idea of the rest of the story with burly in beach attire.B

Burly by FioIII

So you be the judge….if you don’t think this is a really handsome skin, bring yourself and your partner or GF to WOW and try on a demo. I think it may change your mind! Quality skin at an affordable price! And don’t forget, their are oodles of lady’s skins and makeup, and everything else that goes with them too! You may become addicted to their MM boards (2) and their lucky boards with NINE places that change every 5 minutes. TP on down now!

LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mawaii/180/96/2504








Evian Allesio “Molten” Mesh Head……You be the judge   2 comments


On the left, Evian’s (Egoisme) new skin/mesh head combo, Alessio. On the right, Burly’s everyday look, Evian Mauro. Both pics taken with the same shape.

You tell me! Leave a comment please!


Angelika Corral8 days ago

             Hmnmm … difficult choice ! I think that I’ll vote for the one on the right, but I would prefer just a little bit lighter skin tone :))

  1. ♥ Maribel Penucca ♥8 days ago | reply | delete

    I agree Burly 😉

  2. Aida Lundquist7 days ago

    Not difficult. Forget the left one! You look stupid with the left skin

  3. Fiorella Hancroft6 days ago

    I agree with the girls, your current skin looks much better, the lips & the bear are great, maybe a lighter tone, I am not really sure about the mesh heads yet

  4. Alexandra Xubersnak · Drat!!!4 days ago

    Easy choice, I vote for the right version. The left look is too boyish. Is that a chin? 🙂

  5. Skye D.6 hours ago

    No, no, no…no mesh heads! Love your shape as is, but I agree on the lighter skin tone as well.

Hair by Madd
Tux By Adam Edelstein

Skins and Fashions by + 8 Designe +   Leave a comment


Snapshot_001+8 Designe+ makes some phenomenal skins and fashions. I am absolutely lovin’ this Star Jacket and Dark Blue Jeans. Its all mesh and everything comes in all sizes from xxs to xxl. These jeans….I love them…nothing else to say! They come in black, blue, and dark blue. Above, you will also see the full length front of the outfit and a half rear view of the back of the jacket.

Snapshot_002You will see the jacket comes with and without a t-shirt. But the jacket is so cool and colorful. It’s just groovy as all get-out! Snapshot_006

Snapshot_005Now, about this awesomely handsome skin! This is called Crixus, a Gallic gladiator and military leader in the Third Servile War. Born in Gaul – his name means “one with curly hair.” How fitting a name for this skin….check out the abs! And what a handsome face….I really like this skin….tonsalotta. 

Snapshot_004All in all, based on what I have seen so far, +8 Designe+ is going to be a definite part of my SL. Get on down and see the HUGE collection of shapes, skins and fashions in store for both men and women!


Burly wears:

+ 8 DESIGNE + CRIXUS (1) NOUGAT male skin

+ 8 DESIGNE + Star Jacket/T-shirt

+ 8 DESIGNE + Male Dark Blue Jeans

sf design aaron boots

Bad@zz Bad Boy Hair

Earthstones Power Crystal Tigers Eye Pendant

Gems and Kisses Jeremy B Steel Earrings

PC Eyes Moon-Blueberry






Stop The Bullying!   Leave a comment

Great cause….GO! What are you waiting for?


I went to PurpleMoon this morning when I logged on and picked up the “pinkshirt.”  This shirt comes in a male and female version for a donation of just 10L or more if you wish.

Bullying 1

Net proceeds from Pink Shirt Day activities & t-shirt sales benefit the CKNW Orphans’ Fund in support of Boys & Girls Clubs Anti-Bullying programs. All transactions will be published at http://purplemooncreations.blogspot.com/p/pink-shirt-day-2014.html.

– Spread the word sharing pictures of yourself wearing the pink shirt at: http://www.flickr.com/groups/pinkshirtdaysl/ or tag it on your Facebook as #pinkshirtday
– Follow the organization on Facebook (www.facebook.com/pinkshirtday) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/pinkshirtday)
– Make a donation: https://www.cknworphansfund.com/donate/?campaign=2450
– Challenge your friends and co-workers to commit to a bully-free lifestyle and wear pink on Feb 26, 2014.

Thank you Poulet and PurpleMoon Creations for doing this campaign.  I’m proud to be a part of it.

You can find out more info at:


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Posted February 25, 2014 by Burly Tigerpaw in SL Mens Fashion

Thunderstorms and Snowshowers   Leave a comment

Such an amazing blogger Aradia is! Love this!

A Walk Around Raidy's Realm

What an odd title huh? It’s really been weather in my area this week. I think Mother Nature has PMS.

So I’ve been hiding out… getting ready to blog some of my favorite new designs from Saschas, {MUA}, Exquisite Jewellery and always, those KaTink poses.

Let’s start with Sascha’s new Vanity gown! (see Sas, I got the name right this time) With a horrible bout of 2am autocorrect I posted this photo on facebook. 🙂

Vanity is a VaaaaVooom of a gown! offering you so many options! it has a front piece that goes in front of the boobies that I left off for this photo.. and added the back deco for a more daring effect.  Sascha always has numerous skirt options and I love that. Vanity is no exception!

Sas vitality_002Sas vitality_003

Next up from Sascha’s we’ve got “Darling” and this gown isn’t for the weak of heart. It’s bold and daring!…

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Posted February 23, 2014 by Burly Tigerpaw in SL Mens Fashion

“The Window” prop by KaTink is very cool, reasonably priced, and the studio is FREE!   1 comment

This awesome prop, is brought to you by the fine folks at KaTink and is simply called “The Window” It has 3 walls and a floor that can all be textured to your liking using the included textures and HUD. It also sports a set of drapes that can be colored 4 different colors. So you can texture the side walls one texture, the window wall another and the floor has 4 different choices as well. Its literally a portable living room. WindowThe window can be looked into from the outside or can be looked out of from the inside.  I rezzed the prop in front of my KaTink studio background holder and texture organizer (freebie) which is displaying one of KaTink’s fine background textures. (below)

Window b_001Yes, you heard me right! The studio above, which I have been using for over a year and I will vouch for, is FREE at KaTink right now! I use it for ALL my needs when taking pics that require nice backgrounds. Not only that, but KaTink has a bazzilion background textures available in any genre you can think of for a VERY reasonable cost. Yes, a bazzilion! So you too can have professional pictures in no time. All you will need is a pose stand and one of them is available at KaTink as well, or you can use your own.

The possibilities for interesting shots with this prop and studio are endless! You will find a plethora, yes, a plethora, ladies and gentlemen of amazing props and tools at KaTink for your creative selves to make your pictures look more professional today.

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Phoenix Determined/69/152/1001


Bad@zz Skin “The Predator” in 3 flavors!   Leave a comment

The Predator Lighter Skin PackThe picture above shows the “lighter skin” pack of Predator. Extra Pale, Pale, Nougat Unshaven, and Nougat Shaved.

The Predator Tan & MochaThe picture above shows the “mocha and tan” pack of Predator. You have Mocha in shade and shaved and Tan in shade and shaved. Shade is roughly equal to a 5 o’clock shadow.

The Predator Roleplay Skin PackLast but not least, above is the “Roleplay” version of Predator, with a light grey, a dark grey, a drow with black eyebrows, a drow with white eyebrows and finally, a vampire pale skin which I added the teeth to for realistic looks.

Please note that this skin comes with both bald and hair options in all folders and two types of body hair as well. You will also find two sets of eyebrows in each folder too, one is “Calm/good” and the other is “evil/bad.” These shots were all taken with the good guy eyebrows. LOL.

TP to Bad@zz to see these and other skins, or you can buy them right on MP at the link below.



With the exception of the drow skin with white eyebrows, the hair is Bad@zz “Badboy.” The white hair is from Madesigns.



7 Deadly {S}kins Gift meets Vero Modero Gift!   1 comment

7 & VM  (2)

OK, this post worked out perfectly, because I received two gifts the same day from different designers. One, a skin from 7 Deadly {S}kins, is a new add to the Judas line. It features a new facial hair design and a bit of work around the eyes that makes it a bit on the macabre side. It looks like Judas may have been partying pretty hard lately…. 😮

7 & VM  (3)

The second gift is brought to you by the good folks at Vero Modero and is called the “Wool Vest Set.” It goes well with the Judas skin. The set consists of a shirt, a jacket (the vest) and a pair of black jeans. This outfit is mesh and includes several sizes in the folder. Really nice casual outfit.

Thank you to 7 Deadly {S}kins and Vero Modero for the freebies! They build customer loyalty and good will. TP down to both locations and pick yours up. You must join the groups to get them. 🙂

Vero Modero: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vero%20Modero/120/149/28

7 Deadly {S}kins: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Epicosity/233/96/2001

Burly wears:

Hair: Bad@zz “Game”

Skin: 7 Deadly {S}kins “Judas”

Eyes: Poetic Colors “Moon in Blueberry”

Shape: Maverick Designs custom

Outfit: Vero Modero “Wool Vest Set” mesh

Boots: Deco “Brawler” mesh










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